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Who are we?
We are a not-for-profit organisation providing sustainability advice specifically for those living in rental accommodation. Renters are a growing part of the community and we believe their involvement is vital and possible.

What do we do?
As the only organisation specifically for renters we deliver workshops, host events and run projects, our website is full of tips, tutorials, product reviews and inspiring stories.

Long term plans
We are new, small and fairly busy with day to day activities and running our workshop programs, however, we do have several long term aims:

  1. To ensure that all renters are included in conversations and consultations on sustainability.
  2. To provide wide ranging education programs on a variety of sustainability related topics, to appeal to a wide variety of people and empower renters to make changes in their lives.
  3. To push for nationwide minimal standards for rental properties, after all, bad quality properties are unsustainable properties.
  4. To push for optional long-term leases for those who would like them, ensuring stability, consistency and the chance to create a sustainable rental home.

History of Green Renters
Green Renters was started in 2009 as a website or those striving to lead sustainable and ecological existences within the confines of rental property. Frustrated by constantly attending conferences and exhibitions that only provide products and advice to home owners, we provide advice for those who are unable to make major changes to a property but still intend to spend many years in somewhere they call home.

What is the Green Renters structure?
Currently Green Renters offers as a Not for Profit with the bulk of the work done by Cate Lawrence and Chris Ward. We are incorporated which means we are governed by a Committee of Management which includes a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public officer.

How is Green Renters funded?
Green Renters is funded by small grants from specific municipal councils for special projects and workshops, paid workshops in general and our online store. We are also have financial Memberships to give renters and comparative organisations the opportunity to support the work of Green Renters and have a say in how we work and what we do. We also welcome appropriate advertisers on our website, newsletter and social media.