We are back!

Green Renters has finally begun the process of 'opening' the organisation.

We mentioned this as our new direction and strategy in mid-2014 and now after several months of working through all the information and resources acquired over 7 years of existence, our workshops (one of our most successful activities) are online.

We are undertaking this project with a small budget and thus very little time, hence we have focussed on trying to get our content organised and not the look and feel of the website. It will be basic and missing functionality, maybe for a short while, maybe indefinitely. We will slowly be adding more and more over the coming months and improving what we have. If you are keen to help the process along, please become a member or volunteer your time to the project.

What is available now?

Ten of our most popular workshops with:

  • Our initial aims with the workshop
  • The intended audience
  • Reflections on each workshop
  • Public files available via a Dropbox link
  • Some private files available via a Dropbox link that will only be available if you become a member.

That's it for now, lots more to come… And it's good to be back!