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Moving forward on the open road

Moving forward on the open road

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Green Renters has been in existence since 2008 and each year we have grown and grown. Some of our most successful years have been during cut backs to programs related to what we do, i.e. community development and sustainability.

We like to think this is because we have always done things differently, tried new ideas and not been afraid to talk to people truthfully and honestly.

During much of Green Renter’s existence it has been a part time job for us, enjoyable and rewarding but largely a labour of love. After 6 years we are heading for an overseas adventure and moving on to new ideas and projects. We have made no secret in the past few months of looking into how this may happen. It’s always been hard for us to move away from the organisation focussing around us and we haven’t really been able to find the right combination of skills and people to keep the organisation running as it is.

Then we hit upon a great (and fairly unique) idea on how Green Renters can continue with less involvement from us but carry on accomplishing what it does now and much more.

From (roughly) the 1st August we intend to ‘open source’ the organisation as a platform for further education and knowledge sharing. Not only in the fields of sustainability and community building, but also in terms of how to actually run a non-profit or similar organisation on a lean budget. Building on our actual experiences we will be providing real world, proven examples and resources.

This will include advice on topics such as:

  • Applying for grants
  • Running events
  • Planning workshops
  • Community Development
  • Technology solutions
  • Building a social media presence
  • And much, much more…

We will offer all of the resources on our current site for free, with many of the new public resources such as workshop presentations, handouts, grant application notes offered for an (affordable) one off contribution. This contribution will also make you a lifetime member of Green Renters and all existing members will automatically be given access and lifetime memberships.

We hope that this will help like-minded organisations and individuals run their own workshops, projects and ideas with good advice and experience.

What does ‘Open Source’ mean?
It’s a term commonly used in software development, but is gaining use in other areas and circles, such as policy development. It means that a project is community contributed, run and maintained. It also means that the community can borrow, share and improve the project, as long as it is attributed.

Does this meet our organisational aims?
Our constitution states our Statement of purpose as:

    1. Green renters aims to help those living in rental accommodation live more sustainably to minimise their impact on the environment and use less natural resources and minimise waste. We will do this through:
      1. Providing educational resources such as a website, workshops, events and projects
      2. Providing spaces and opportunities for discussion
      3. Providing a voice and representation
    2. Green Renters is committed to:
      1. Transparency and accountability in relation to decision-making and the activities of Green Renters.
      2. Providing free or affordable services and information for renters.

Our plan continues all of these aims and in some cases, improves upon them.

Additionally we will be offering auspicing of grants and organisations and many other services yet to be determined.

We’re hoping (assuming) that all of you will be keen on this idea but we are interested in getting feedback, let us know if you have any.

Join us at our leaving party
Finally, we have met many of you over the years and would love it if you came to our leaving party on June 7th, please RSVP here so we can keep track of attendees and let you know updates.

Thanks, Chris & Cate