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Rental Sweet Rental

What is Rental Sweet Rental?

Put simply, Rental Sweet Rental is our membership program where we invite fellow renters and organisations that support us and our work to contribute financially to the running of Green Renters. 

Much of the focus we see in the mainstream about our status as renters positions us as an underclass of negatives: lack of home ownership prospects, lack of ability to make change, no minimum standards. All of these statuses are undoubtedly true for many if not most, but we are more than just renters! We are people who make our houses and apartments our homes, part of us and a reflection of our lifestyle. The slogan Rental Sweet Rental challenges the idea of renters as transitory, uncaring and uncommitted by making a play on ‘Home sweet home’. For many Australians a rental property is not merely a dwelling but a real home held in the same esteem as an owned property.

We’re creating a network of renters who care about sustainability and want to act
In the time since our inception, Green Renters has worked with thousands of renters who care about sustainability. We've run workshops on greening your home and your lifestyle. We've participated in community events and forums. We've organised film nights and social events.

Join us and share the message that you're a Green Renter.
Become a member and help us spread the word about the great work we’re all doing, during the sign up process you will have the opportunity to add a testimonial about us and/or a full profile about your home. These will help us demonstrate to government, media, business and the greater community that we exist and are active.

Where does the money go?
​Your contributions help our small but active organisation keep running and maintain a public profile, as well as going directly to help us resource renters in public, government, rooming houses and those in hard to access rural areas.

What you get in return
The Rental Sweet Rental program is also something of an exclusive subscription service, with an ever changing range of unique benefits, prizes and special offers from a variety of relevant organisations, the current list can be seen on the sign up page and your members area will show you updates and all the information you need to access the exclusive offers.