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Christmas trees - real or fake?


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It's almost December and about that time that people start putting up Christmas trees. People tend to either want a Christmas tree or simply couldn't care less. But what do you opt for? A plastic tree? A cut pine tree? 

Which is more sustainable? 

The reality is that fake trees lead to the emission of more than double the greenhouse gases of a natural one. You'd need to keep a plastic tree for at least 20 years to to balance out the 8.1 kilogrammes of CO2 it would have caused to be emitted each year, compared to 3.1 kilogrammes for a natural tree. Besides, the problem with plastic trees is that they need to be stored somewhere, and if you're rental property is like, you are having enough problems finding somewhere to store last winter's heater let alone a Christmas tree for most of the year....

More creative options

We've scoured the Internet for some of the move innovative DIY ideas for Christmas trees that are fun, creative and kind on the planet.

Wollemi Pine
Wollemi Pine is a great alternative to a conventional cut Christmas Tree. It's one of the world's oldest and rarest trees, discovered just ten years ago by a bushwalker in a national park 200km from Sydney. It the wild it can grow to 40 metres high but it also works well grown in pots at home. Buying a potted Wollemi Pin is great for conservation in the wold as royalties from Wollemi Pine sales will fund ongoing conservation research, helping protect the species. 


Use branches around your home to good decorated effect:

Use existing structures
A humble bookcase, ladder or clothes horse can be decorated to great success! 



For book lovers
Love books? Made them part of your decorating style:   

For musicians and tech fans
Bring a sense of humour to Christmas!



Got no money, time or creative skill?
This one's for you:

What we do
Decorate a potted plant or branch. We had to do a Christmas photoshoot and as people who go away at Christmas we tend not to decorate. So we hastily assembled a bunch of rosemary together in a jug:

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