Want to start your own Green Renters or another community organisation? This section aims to share real 'how to' information based on our extensive experience. This includes some tips and strategies that you might find useful, and examples of our own work that might be of more use than a vague case study. 

In our usual open style, we will share with you our thoughts on running the organisation including things that worked and didn't, things we wanted to do but never quite got off the ground and some of the realities of the sustainability sector based on our experiences. Over the years we've seen many people start things with a good idea but fail through losing momentum, getting burnt out or discouraged or simply lacking financial viability. We want to share with you a bit about what it's really like to start an organisation from scratch which aims to represent a niche issue and niche cohort. 


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Who are we?
We are a not-for-profit organisation providing sustainability advice specifically for those living in rental accommodation. Renters are a growing part of the community and we believe their involvement is vital and possible.

Annual Report & AGM minutes 2011

Three PDFs are attached to this page:

  • Our Annual report and AGM agenda for 2011
  • The minutes of the 2011 AGM
  • Our financial statement for 2011

The paperwork we need to submit to Consumer Affairs is fairly simple, we also need to vote on three things:

Attendee Cancellation policy

We are a non-profit and as such our workshop sessions are often run on very slim margins to ensure best prices for everyone involved, participants, presenters and the organisation as a whole. We often have to buy materials for participants and thus knowing precise numbers helps us shop efficiently financially and to reduce wastage.

Bearing this in mind, it is extremely helpful if you can let us know if you can no longer attend a session as soon as possible.

Book keeping and accounting

We use a combination of several systems for book keeping and accounting, all performing roles they would normally perform in other activities.

You can find the latest set of tasks that need to be undertaken on the financials project in Redmine here
You can find more details on how to use Redmine here. 

Community Building Made Easy

How many of these do you do?
List via Pink of Perfection

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FAQ for Volunteers

What is Green Renters?
Please see our about page. Please note, we are not Home Energy Assessors or Gardeners!

How we use Redmine

Our projects and associated tasks that need to be undertaken are found in Redmine, you will (currently) need a separate login for this and if you have already expressed an interest in volunteering with us, you should have received some login details. If you haven't, please contact us.

Miscellaneous Volunteering notes

I think we picked these up from an event somewhere:

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Rental Advice from State Tribunals

A while back we attended a VCAT session on rental rights and tribunals, not sure how may are still relevant, but it's worth publishing.

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Some thoughts on stalls

Stalls are often a part of a community event or festival. At Green Renters we got asked hundreds of times to do a stall at various sustainability events. When you are new, it is easy to be flattered by the idea that people want to give you a voice, but running stalls can be exhausting.


Why do we need volunteers?
Volunteers bring huge value to Green Renters by enhancing the quality and variety of services we provide, giving their time, enthusiasm, additional skills, independence of outlook and a fresh perspective Like any not for profit organisation, volunteers are what enables us to carry out the work that we do.

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Volunteer handbook

Firstly, find more about us at our about page and our frequently answered questions page

Rights and Responsibilities
As a volunteer you have the right to:

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Volunteering processes information

So, you're interested in volunteering with us or are already volunteering with us?

This page will talk through some of the ethos and technicalities of how and why we run our operations, it will hopefully be clear and understandable, no matter your level of experience, but if it isn't, then please contact us.

We are a small, lean and modern organisation

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