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Gorgeous green dating ideas: not just for Valentine's Day

Gorgeous green dating ideas: not just for Valentine's Day
Gorgeous green dating ideas: not just for Valentine's Day
Gorgeous green dating ideas: not just for Valentine's Day

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You may have noticed that Valentines Day is coming up. Maybe like me, you've been pointing and laughing at the poorly made mass produced soft toys carrying love hearts (commonly gorillas) and the cheap red lace which passes for lingerie in certain shops which my tram passes by. Maybe like me, you're more interested in the idea of romance being something which can be incorporated into everyday life rather than championed once a year in accordance with a marketing campaign by retailers. So here are some ideas that you might like to share with someone special.

Gift thoughtfully. Before you rush for the red roses or king size box of imported chocolates, have a think about your impact on the environment. Where do those flowers come from? How were they grown and by whom? 

  • How about buying a plant? Even a succulent is great for the black thumbed.
  • If you're thinking chocolate, Fair Trade organic chocolate is wonderful, ensuring better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
  • Locally produced wine or beer is always a great option to share together
  • Homemade gifts are always wonderful, especially homemade meals, mixed tapes and hand made poems.

Great Date Ideas

Visit a Morning Market
Pop down to your local farmer’s market and purchase some fresh produce. Farmer’s markets are a great opportunity for farmers and food producers to sell organic and pesticide free goods to customers. Freshly baked breads, free range eggs, homemade jams, local fruit and vegetables, regional cheeses. Enjoy a fair trade coffee and a home baked muffin then and pop home to cook up a feast!

Hold a garage sale
Holding a garage sale is a great way of decluttering your home and can really place your values about consumption and having ‘stuff’ into perspective. Invite all your mates and put up plenty of signs around the neighbour. Pop your unwanteds out front of the house and make sure you have plenty of change. Price your goods but prepare to haggle. Your leftovers can be donated to the op shop and you can use your sale money to buy something together or go for a meal.

Go for a bike ride.
Borrow some old bicycles and helmets and go for ride along a creek or river. Girls, this is a chance to wear a pretty dress and cardi and guys, definitely no lycra! Unless you’re both super athletic, think leisurely not speed racer. A great opportunity to be outside and in the fresh air. Leave your car at home and enjoy a flask of coffee or mulled wine in a grassy spot before you cycle home.

Sign up for a class
Learning something new is a great way to get some know someone, and if you've only known each other a little while. provides less chance of awkward pauses in conversation. Maybe you’d like to learn to make jams and preserves or your own skincare or bath products? It also means you can share your spoils on another date!

Board games by candlelight
Snuggle up under some quilts for an evening playing old school board games like Scrabble, Monopoly and Scattegories and enjoy a night by candlelight. Enjoy some hot chocolate and your favourite dessert and leave the lights and television off for an energy saving evening. You can even go outside to look at the stars (a great to sneak a look at your partner’s scrabble letters)!

Got any other ideas? We'd love to hear them!