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DIY gift wrapping

17/12/2009 - 02:07

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Who needs pricey wrapping paper when you can make the most of old clothes?

Cut flannel shirts or pants apart at the seams, making large rectangle-ish pieces. Make sure that you have enough to cover the box you’re using, then wrap as if you were using paper and secure with double-stick tape. (Put a few strips of double-stick tape on the box to help hold the fabric in place.) Tie bows out of shoelaces or with strips of felt. To make a fabric box topper, cut the hem off a leftover shirt and spiral it into an overlapping circle. Scrunch and gather in the middle. Stitch the center with a needle and thread and use double-stick tape or a safety pin to secure it to the top of your box.

(By Amu Palanjian via ReadyMade) Photos by Kathryn Gamble & Rick Lozier