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14/12/2010 - 13:26
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Why do we need volunteers?
Volunteers bring huge value to Green Renters by enhancing the quality and variety of services we provide, giving their time, enthusiasm, additional skills, independence of outlook and a fresh perspective Like any not for profit organisation, volunteers are what enables us to carry out the work that we do.

What are the benefits of volunteering?
The benefits of volunteering include the opportunities to learn and develop new skills; give something back to your community and meet a diverse range of people. It's a great way to also expand on your skills for employment and training (all our volunteers receive a professional reference after a period of time).

Position Descriptions of Volunteer positions at Green Renters


Information Officer (Several required)

  1. Set up table with tablecloth, chairs, flyers, posters, pens, sticky tape, sign up sheets, questionnaires etc.

  2. Chat to people who come up to the table

  3. Answer general questions about Green Renting

  4. Invite them to sign up to the mailing list*/fill out the survey

  5. Stand away from the table and ask people to fill out the Green Renters survey

* we send out a monthly mail out and don't sign people up to anything else. Or give their details away

As an Information Officer you are required to have:

  1. Good spoken English

  2. Confidence in speaking to new people

  3. Good conversational skills

Time Commitment: At least a half day per month


Writing (Several required)

  1. Write articles and tutorials (check what is already written on the website)

  2. Edit website posts and newsletter content

  3. Write film/tv reviews on relevant topics to Green Renters readers

  4. Test and write product reviews

  5. Interview a renters each month for our 'Profile of a Green Renter'

  6. Attend events on behalf of Green Renters and report back

As writer you are required to have:

  1. Good written English and grammar

  2. An understanding of the 'style' of Green Renters

  3. An ability to express ideas clearly

  4. Your writing will be attributed to you

Time Commitment: Ongoing/As Required



  1. Contact the makers of products that may be of Interest to renters and request a review copy (We have a template letter you can base your request on).

  2. Write a quick weekly poll of interest to readers of the Green Renters website

  3. Write press releases of upcoming Green Renters events and send out letters to the editor etc. regarding issues relevant to Green Renters or renters in general

Time Commitment: At least a half day per fortnight


Web site and design volunteer

  1. Design flyers and posters

  2. Assist with website content and review posts before they are published

Time Commitment: Ongoing as required




  1. Update mailing list and membership contacts,

  2. Edit business details,

  3. Assist with mail outs

  4. Assist with paperwork for Board meetings and AGM

Time Commitment: Approx. 1 day per month.




  1. Input receipts

  2. Send invoices,

  3. Assist with financial reporting for board meetings/AGM

Time involved: approximately 1 day per month.



We are often in need of good quality high-resolution images for workshops, presentations, flyers etc. and will credit you in our work

Time involved: period and ongoing as needed.


All volunteers
Spread the word: invite your friends, colleagues etc. to join us on Facebook, become a member, fill out our survey etc.


Policy and Research
We are currently in the process of writing policies for Green Renters.


  1. Writing in response to Policy discussions by government (e.g. feedback to a government enquiry)

  2. Assist us with our policies on:

  3. Governance

  4. Sexual Harassment

  5. Bullying

  6. Discrimination

  7. Grievance Procedures

  8. Travel reimbursement policy

  9. Research issues important to Green Renters

Time commitment, once a month